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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does the process work to sell my house to Jim Russell? 

A.  Give me a call and I’ll come out and look at your property, you tell me what you want

       for the property and if agreeable with me, we’ll write the contract right then and there.   

       I will assure you, we pay  TOP $$$$  on properties we purchase.


Q.  Am I under any obligation if we cannot agree on a price and is there any cost for you to come? 



Q.  How long does it take to close? 

A.   After we make our complete inspections of the property, we can close within 3-5 days.


Q.  Are there any fees at closing for the Seller? 

A.  NO, in fact I will pay all normal Seller closing cost……That includes NO real estate fees.


Q. Where do you buy houses? 

A.  In the Metropolitan Louisville area.


Q.  Do you buy houses in need of repair or that may be in run down condition? 

A.  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Those are the ones we love to buy.


Q.  What if I need a QUICK SALE and can’t move immediately? 

A.  NO PROBLEM, we’ll work with you on possession.


Q.  Is it possible I can rent the property back from you? 

A.  Yes


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